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World Class Manufactoring Documentation Development (WCM)

WMC VJP AM Calendar SOP Ledgers
Simple Technical Industry Solutions

ITS is the leader in developing World Class Manufacturing (WCM) documents that meet and exceed FCA expectations.

ITS can help you develop your WCM deliverables as they relate to:

  • PM Ledgers & Calendars (Preventative Maintenance)
  • SMP’s (Standard Maintenance Procedures)
  • AM Calendars (Autonomous Maintenance)
  • SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Training Documentation
  • Smart Retrieval System of these documents

Facilities Served:

FCA Assembly

  • Belvidere Assembly (BVAP)
  • Jefferson North Assembly (JNAP)
  • Sterling Heights Assembly (SHAP)
  • Toledo Assembly Complex (TNAP) (TSAP)
  • Toluca Assembly (TAP)
  • Windsor Assembly (WAP)

FCA Powertrain Operations

  • Dundee Engine Plant
  • Saltillo Engine Plant
  • Trenton Engine Plant

FCA Transmission Operations

  • Indiana Transmission 1 (ITP1)
  • Indiana Transmission 1 (ITP2)
  • Kokomo Transmission (KTP)
  • Tipton Transmission (TTP)

CNH (Case New Holland)

  • Benson, MN - Manufacturing
  • Fargo, ND - Manufacturing
  • Goodfield, IL – Manufaacturing

Whirlpool Corporation

  • Cleveland, TN - Manufacturing
  • Clyde, OH - Manufacturing
  • Findlay, OH - Manufacturing

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